I found Gibraltdoor online while searching for way to secure my home. The website had limited information so I called their number, and was pleasantly surprised with the information provided. This is a family operated business and I was catered to by the owner himself. Chuck is very patient, he answered all of my concerns and made me aware of safety concerns I never would have imagined. When I was ready to order I worked with John and he had the door made as ordered and shipped to me in Las Vegas as promised. My contractor installed the door in less than one day. The neighborhood door kick in/burglaries are still happening ,but I sleep well knowing,my Gibraltdoor is locked and on the job. Thank You Chuck and the Gibraltdoor family.

Mellisa M**** Las Vegas NV

I work for an airline and have been burglarized 3 times in 3 years, all three times the creeps broke in through the door, twice kicked in and the third they used bump keys on my two deadbolts. My alarm was in place and worked great, the police were there just in time to shut the broken door before my cat wandered away. My brother found the Gibraltdoor, ordered it and installed it ! When I feel the weight and solidness of the door along with that sound of the ten pins engaging as I lock the door behind me, gives me a warm feeling knowing my home is safe and secure.

Jennifer Rose J*****n Oakland NJ

The Gibraltdoor has been a long time coming! I am retired, I walk with a cane, and I carry a big gun for protection. If anyone wanted in my home they could just kick the door off the wood jamb and I knew this, therefore my home was littered with easy to reach loaded firearms. While at a local gun show my wife brought this door to my attention. When I saw the unprecedented security, and quality american construction I made an appointment with Mark at ESS in Chesapeake VA , They were at my house ,measured and installed the door in the most prompt and professional way. My wife is happy, we no longer have to sweep the house of guns before the grand kids visit, and we both sleep better at night. The Gibraltdoor is a great home improvement (we needed a door) and most importantly it does what we all want when we lock a door, it stops the bad guy before it gets ugly! I recommend this product for all that lock the door with expectations of security.

P. Ward Hampton VA

My wife and I take our personal home security serious we both legally carry and never are without. We have had some NRA training in the home, and every training event starts with the goblin coming throiugh the door and always a take secure cover fight/flee/call for help plan. When we saw this product we immediately took action to help us make our home safer and better defended. The multiple door discount program is phenomenal and made this economically possible. Our front door , side door, garage door and the closet in our master bedroom are all normal looking doors but they are not !!! Our doors look like any average door, but unlike average they cannot be breached ,and knowing this gives me peace of mind and a great advantage over anyone looking to do us harm. We thought a bulletproof door was out of budget until we found the Gibraltdoor, but we even managed to afford the upgrade for the closet ( shoes,shotguns,pants and pistols), of which is our fall back and fight position. God Bless you guys at Gibraltdoor use us as a reference anytime!!

Jim and Jean Stoltze Albrightville PA

I am happy to be writing this testimonial,knowing I am safe here alone at home. I am a widow and a home invasion survivor, my long time companion was killed protecting me. It was the most terrifying event of my life, and could have been prevented if my door was a gibraltdoor. It was in the middle of a day, I was alone with Gerry, my 10 year old German Shepard. There was a loud crash in the kitchen, Gerry ran ahead of me and to my surprise there were two men in my kitchen, I ran upstairs to call 911 from my bathroom and Gerry stayed and fought them off. When the police finally arrived , the kitchen was a mess with glass,blood and my defender there with a broken back. I was very blessed that day , but I lost all sense of security in the home. My children suggested the Gibraltdoor, and Im so glad I made the decision to replace my door with this product. I sit here in my study writing this with complete peace of mind, knowing I’m safe.

Cheryle Brooker Ohio