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   We are a family created business founded by me, Chuck Burke, a Master Carpenter that has specialized in home entryways for over 25 years. Over the years I have been on the scene of home burglaries in the moments afterwards, I am one of the first responders called to make the home secure. It has been my experience to find the crime statistics to be true, the #1 way a break in occurs is through the door!

      In 2012 I decided to build a better mousetrap (door) that would do what is expected (secure the entryway). I found a High quality european multipoint lock, manufactured a very high quality steel door around it and hung it on a steel frame. I then installed it on my home and called the sheriff and asked him if he wanted a “home entry” practice. After the sheriff struck the door 47 times he gave up. I named the door Gibraltdoor , because it is impenetrable like a rock!

      All our doors are proudly made here in the USA, they are elegant and have the energy star seal of approval. You will deal directly with me the owner. I am here to serve you and am happy to answer all questions. Feel free to e-mail or call and I will gladly share a plethora of information, my goal is to help you be safe.

      I currently have a few customers that became representatives and the list is growing. If you do not have one of my reps in your area you can deal directly with me.

      This is not a door!  The Gibraltdoor is an impenetrable physical barrier designed to keep you safe and secure. If you are looking for a “door” go to a home center. If you are serious about securing the number one point of illegal entry, then e-mail me and we’ll talk.

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The Break In

Every 14 seconds a home is burglarized through a door. We are led to believe that arming our homes with an Alarm or even a weapon will prevent this from happening to our home and family. However, this is not the case because the door is easily breached (due to Wood Components) and our loved ones may be in harms way as you will see in the Video .

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